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What are meal kits?

Meal kits include pre-measured ingredients and recipes to allow you to prepare delicious foods without the hassle of planning and shopping. Some programs even specialize in special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, weight-loss, etc. You feel like a gourmet chef even if you could barely boil an egg before. You just follow the instructions to prepare the meal with the provided ingredients. Some programs even have video cooking demonstrations online.

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Who are meal kits for?

Meal kits for working parents

Meal kits are great for busy working parents who want to enjoy a delicious family meal together but don't have time to plan and shop. The kids can even help out for a bonding family experience in the kitchen. Meal prep and cleanup are a snap with meal kits.

Meal kits for couples and single people

Meals kits also work well for couples and single people. Rather than buying large portions in the store that will expire before you finish using them up, you get the exact portions that you need of all ingredients sent to you.

Why use meal kits?

Meal kits save you time

Meal kits save you time because you don't have to plan or go to the grocery store. Sometimes ingredients even come pre-chopped. Once your account is set up with the meal kit service, you can order your meals in just a few clicks.

Meal kits can save you money

Meal kits can even potentially save you money by eliminating food waste. When you go shopping for ingredients for a recipe, you have to buy full-sized containers of all of the ingredients, even if you just need a tablespoon of that item. You put the rest in the fridge only to rediscover it months later with a coating of mold on it. When you factor in the problem of food waste, meal kits often come out cheaper than buying the ingredients in the store. If the alternative is eating out, you definitely will save money. Meal kits allow you to prepare restaurant-quality meals at home at a fraction of the price of dining out.


Meal kits bring the joy back into mealtime. Get yourself out of your recipe rut of the same rotating menu (e.g. If it's Monday, it must be spaghetti with meatballs). Boring! Meal kits allow you to be adventurous and try new recipes and unfamiliar ingredients that you may discover that you love.



Meal Kit Reviews

The cost per serving varies based on the number of meals a week and how many servings you order. The cost per serving listed is based on three meals a week with four servings per meal. Pricing may have changed since the time of my review.


Taste: ★★★★★   |   Cost per serving: $8.49   |   Meal prep time: 20-50 minutes
Best for: Anyone, vegetarians, pescatarians, people wanting to lose weight, families
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Blue Apron

Taste: ★★★★   |   Cost per serving: $7.99   |   Meal prep time: 15-50 minutes
Best for: WW program participants and other people wanting to lose weight
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Marley Spoon

Taste: ★★★★   |   Cost per serving: $9.49   |   Meal prep time: 10-50 minutes
Best for: Martha Stewart fans
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Taste: ★★★★   |   Cost per serving: $12.50 (varies)   |   Meal prep time: 6-45 minutes
Best for: Organic, healthy eaters
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Taste: ★★★   |   Cost per serving: $4.99-$11.99   |   Meal prep time: 5 minutes
Best for: Busy people who want to eat healthy
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Green Chef

Taste: ★★★★★   |   Cost per serving: $12.49   |   Meal prep time: 20-50 minutes
Best for: Organic, healthy eaters
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Taste: ★★★★★   |   Cost per serving: $5.49   |   Meal prep time: 15-45 minutes
Best for: Families, students and people who want to save time and money
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Home Chef

Taste: ★★★★★   |   Cost per serving: $9.99   |   Meal prep time: 10-60 minutes
Best for: Military, first responders, health care professionals and teachers because of their Heroes Discount and Rachel Ray fans
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Taste: ★★★★★   |   Cost per serving: 11.99   |   Meal prep time: 2 minutes
Best for: Single people, people who don’t have time to cook or choose not to cook
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