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Reviewed April 2023

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What is Dinnerly?

Dinnerly is a low-cost meal kit program created by the Marley Spoon company. While Marley Spoon’s meal kit program targets more affluent customers, Dinnerly strives to be more affordable and offers family-friendly meals. They save money by offering meals with cheaper ingredients and eliminating the recipe cards. Recipes are available online or on their app.

Dinnerly kit

Who is Dinnerly best for?

Dinnerly is great for people who have wanted to try a meal kit program but couldn’t afford it. The meal kits can be as low as $4.99 a serving. Busy working people will like the quick and easy recipes, and parents will love the child-friendly meals.

What are some examples of Dinnerly meals?

Here are a few meals that we received.

Grilled BBQ Steak

Barbecued sirloin steak with a creamy ranch potato salad and topped with chopped scallions

Grilled BBQ Steak

Lemony Chicken and Broccoli

Breaded fried chicken breast topped with a lemony sauce, served with broccoli and crispy roasted potatoes

Lemony Chicken and Broccoli

No Chop One-Pot Tomato Ravioli

Quick and easy spinach ravioli with a marinara sauce and drizzled with basil pesto


Does Dinnerly taste good?

The meals were good, but not as good as HelloFresh and GreenChef. The quality of the ingredients was good for a low-cost meal kit program. They offered a wider variety of side dishes than EveryPlate, another low-cost meal kit program. Some of the ingredients were even organic.

How long does it take to prepare a Dinnerly meal?

The meals that I received had a prep time of as little as 15 minutes and some up to 50 minutes. The meal prep times are listed online and on the app so if you’re looking for something quick and easy, you can select meals with short prep times.

Does Dinnerly save you time?

Dinnerly saves you time by not having to plan meals or even grocery shop. It will even automatically select meals based on your meal preferences. You can change their automatic selections if you’d like, however, by choosing your own meals online or on the app.

Is Dinnerly easy?

The cooking techniques are relatively easy. It would be nice, however, if they had pictures to illustrate each step like other meal kit programs do.

Dinnerly app

How much is Dinnerly shipping?

Dinnerly has a flat charge of $11.99 for shipping. Your meal kit comes via overnight courier. My box came via onTrac.

Dinnerly box

Where is Dinnerly available?

Dinnerly is available in most of the contiguous states in the US.

What packaging does Dinnerly use?

The ingredients come packed in a large cardboard box. Certain ingredients, like the produce, are separated into a smaller cardboard carrier. The meat is packed closest to the ice block. The ice block contains a gel inside of a plastic bag. The ingredients and ice block are all wrapped inside of a metalized plastic bubble wrap bag for insulation.

Dinnerly packaging

Can I recycle Dinnerly packaging?

The cardboard box and carrier are curbside recyclable. The insulation is #4 plastic that is not curbside recyclable but can be recycled at stores like Target that accept plastic wraps and plastic bags. The plastic exterior of the ice block can also be recycled at such stores. The gel inside of the ice block cannot be recycled or composted and must be discarded in the trash.

Does Dinnerly have dietary options?

The only alternate dietary option is vegetarianism. Other than that, you can select what meats you like and if you like spicy foods in the preferences section.

Dinnerly preferences

Can you lose weight with Dinnerly?

Dinnerly is not really designed as a weight loss program. However, you can view the calories and other nutrition information online and in the app. They offer meals that are below 650 calories per serving.

Is Dinnerly healthy?

It is not designed as a healthy eating program, but most meals include a vegetable side dish which may be an improvement on your current diet. You can look in the nutritional information on the recipes and select meals that meet your desired calorie count, sodium or saturated fat levels.

How do you order from Dinnerly?

Ordering from Dinnerly is easy. During the sign up process you input your basic information such as your name, address and credit card information and answer a few quick questions about your meal preferences. Select the number of people and how many meals per week you would like, and the computer will automatically select meals for you. If you prefer, you can change the current meal selections online or in the app.

Dinnerly website

How much is Dinnerly?

Dinnerly can be as little as $4.99 per serving for the four people/six meals plan. It goes up to $8.04 per serving if you only request two meals for two people. I ordered the three meals for four people plan for $6.14 a serving.

Does Dinnerly save you money?

Dinnerly will probably save you money, depending on what the alternative is. The cost of $4.99 per serving is cheaper than most fast-food meals (not to mention healthier). An added savings comes from not having to buy more of an ingredient than what you need.


  • Market by Dinnerly – You can order heat and eat meals, desserts and breakfasts along with your meal kit.
  • Wide variety of recipes – They say that they offer over 100 each week.
  • Low prices – Depending on how much you order, it could be as cheap as $4.99 per serving.
  • Simple recipes – All recipes have six steps or less.
  • Kid-friendly meals – Most of the recipes are meals that children would enjoy.


  • Ice block gel is not biodegradable – While the outer plastic wrap is recyclable, the gel must be disposed of in the trash.
  • No recipe cards – The recipes are available online or in the app.
  • No pictures of steps on recipes – There are no pictures or illustrations of the steps like there are in other meal kit programs.

    This website contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission.



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